MPWT provided assistant to military in remote area

MPWT recognized the role played by the military posted at remote locations in maintaining security for all Lao people and undertook to formally express their gratitude for this contribution.  In recognition of their service, MPWT mobilized resources in order to provide the military units posted in remote areas with some every day consumer goods. On 20 February 2013, Mrs. Vilaykham Phosalath, Director of Public Works and Transport Institute and Ministerial Revolution Party Committee Adviser for Mass Organization, and Mr.Chantoula Phanalasy, Director of Inspection Department, and accompanied by staffs from MPWT, traveled to Vientiane and Xiengkhuang province to give these consumer items  to the military personnel posted in these remote areas.

The assistance provided was that of consumer goods such as noodles, canned fish, bottled drinking water and also blankets. The assistance was distributed at three locations: i) Troop 421, Vangvieng district of Vientiane province, and handed over by Mrs. Vilaykham Phosalath with the total cost of goods given amounting to 8,500,000 Lak; ii) Troop 101, Xaisomboun district, Vientiane province, the total value of goods given was 8,300,000 Lak, and; iii) Command Troop, Phaxai district in Xiengkhuang province, where the total value of goods given was 8,900,000 Lak. The grand total value of these consumer goods provided was 25,700,000 Lak.

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