The Smoke Free Zone sign board in front of the Ministry of PWT

On 23 June 2012 in order to celebrate 25th anniversary of the Day against Drugs (26/6/1987-26/6/2012),which aims to increase understanding and protect society from the bad effects of drugs,there was ceremony to open the Smoke Free Zone sign board in front of the Ministry of  PWT. The ceremony was attended by the honorable Dr. Phankham Viphavanh, Minister of Ministry of Education and Sport; Mr. Sommad Pholsana, Minister of Public Works and Transport; and Mr. Leau Yunkao representative of World Health Organization. Staffs of MPWT also attended.

The Smoke Free declaration will contribute to the health and protection of people, especially people who must travel to engage in trade and commerce, and those visiting from south-north-south by land transport, water and airways. The Public Works and Transport Sector together with Ministries’ Committee for Smoke Free zone and Public Health, received budget and technical support from WHO, the agency of Smoke Free Awareness of South East Asia, issued the decree on Smoke Free in the Public Works Transport Service Sector. The decree will be the reference to implement Smoke Free activities in country.  It is mainly applied to use in public transportation, public vehicles and private vehicles that provide public transport, and all public buildings. The decree will cover public buildings in the ministry campus, department’s offices and institutes under the umbrella of MPWT. For the public transportation, it will be initiated in public buses in Vientiane Capital, public buses to the south and north, and international public buses. It will later be expanded nationally. There is a need to request all staffs, drivers and driver assistants, and passengers who use the public transportation to cooperate and implement successfully this decree.

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