Road Upgrading Construction Project: Ban PhonhsaAd-BanNamLa-Ban Khong , Nam Bak District, Luangprabang Province

On 22 January 2013, at the MPWT meeting room number 2, a ceremony was held for signing the contract for the “Road Upgrading Construction Project: Ban PhonhsaAd-Ban to NamLa-Ban Khong , Nam Bak District, Luangprabang Province. Signatories to the contract were H.E Ms. Yulko Yokota, Japanese Ambassador to Lao PDR, and Mr. Phopsavath Senhduangdeth, chief of PWT Office Nambak District, Luangprabang Province. The signing ceremony was honored by the attendance as witnesses, Mr.SommadPholsena, Minister of MPWT Laos, H.E Mr. Yosuke Tsuruho, Minister of Ministry of Land Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism in Japan, and Mr. Khamdua Yeakoinorhervang,Vice Governor of Luangprabang Province. Concerned line staff and project managers also attended.

The length of road from Ban Phonhsa Ad-Ban NamLa-Ban Khongis 3 kilometers and the total cost of construction is $111,192 US dollars. At present the road is not in good condition and travel is difficult. Ban Namla and Ban Khong are known for producing oranges for export and the majority of the local villagers are farmers.The improved road link between the two villages will link these with surrounding villages and make travel easier and more convenient for the local communities to travel and also transport their produce. The two villages have a combined population of 2,453 inhabitants, and including people in nearby villages, around 10,500 persons in total will benefit from the improved road.

​As well as benefits from linking with outside villages and providing improved transportation of agriculture products to market, the road will allow quicker access to hospitals, schools and other services. At the present, the Government of Japan is providing assistance for upgrading village roads through the GGP project, covering some 17 sub-projects with a total value of $1,249,803 US Dollars

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