Deputy Prime Minister advices the Public Works and Transport Sector

On 7 January 2013, H.E SomsavadLengsavat, the Deputy Prime Minister, and Adviser for the Economic Sector, attended a meeting and contributed advice for the Public Works and Transport Sector, at theMPWT’s International Cooperation and Training Center. The meeting was attended by Mr. SommadPholsena, Minister for Public Works and Transport, the director and deputy directors of line departments andthe Training Center, Institute, Science and Technology Assembly, as well as heads and deputy heads of divisions, senior and retired staff and also representatives from State Enterprises.

On this occasion, the Deputy Prime Minister reiterated some lessons learned from the former President, Mr.KaisonePhomvihane, initially provided at the First National Conference of Communication, Transport, Post and Construction, on the 11th-15thFebruary, 1991. Those lessons are a reference for implementing works. Mr. BouathongVonglorkham, reporting on communication transport post and construction achievements, said that “in the last 15 years, the government allocated significant budget and labor resources to develop communication works. The government aims to make this sector as the base for developingnational basic infrastructure. The sector has achieved great results and made an important contribution to national socio-economic development. Those results include strengthening staffs’ capacity, labor, technical skills from real implementation experience and these are highly valued lessons that serve as examples in moving forward and increasing efficiency”.

The Deputy Prime Minister also raised other issues concerning land transportation, water ways, air ways and road construction, as roads Number 9 and Number 13 from Done Noune junction to Ban Hai, which are substandard, broken and are the subject of many complaints from people.

Participants from all areas gave comments on seeking solutions to solve problems in the past and future, and this will be a benchmark tobeginimplementing work in 2013.

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