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Minister of MPWT received Mr. Masato TOGAWA, The JICA Lao Resident Mission

On the afternoon of 14th February 2013, Mr. Sommad Pholsena, Minister of MPWT received Mr. Masato TOGAWA, of the JICA Lao Resident Mission, who was preparing to leave the Lao PDR upon completion of his  mission. On this occasion, the Minister of MPWT afforded high values to work implemented by Mr. Masato TOGAWA over the last three years having been very active with his work and making  important contributions to supporting and in cooperation on projects in the PWT sector which has enhanced cooperation and friendship between Lao-Japan effectively. Following this recognition,  the Minister of MPWT gave  an appreciation certificate to Mr. Masato TOGAWA acknowledging his work outputs in the Lao PDR. Mr. Masato TOGAWA expressed his sincere thanks to the Government of Lao and MPWT management for supporting and providing facilities during his mission in the Lao PDR and confirmed his commitment in continuing to enhance cooperation between Laos and Japan. During this meeting, JICA and MPWT also signed a technical assistance  agreement for Low Emission Transportation in Lao PDR.  The new project will study and promote the  use of low emission vehicles, such as electric cars, which are environmentally friendly, especially in Vientiane City.

Inception Workshop on Strengthening National Commission for Advancement of Women Network in the Ministry of Public Works and Transport

 MPWT is the recipient of Technical Assistance from the Asian Development Bank with the support of National Commission for Advancement of Women (NCAW). This project aims to strengthen the capacity of NCAW to support line ministries in effective implementation of gender-sensitive planning, monitoring and evaluation. The project cost is $ 225,000 and will be implemented over 18 months (2013-1024).

On 12 February 2013, at MPWT meeting Room, the Inception Workshop for TA-8139 LAO: Strengthening National Commission for Advancement of Women Network in the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, was held to introduce the technical assistance team to departmental heads and DAW Sub-CAW representatives, present the team’s work plan, activities and timeline for implementation of the project. The Inception Workshop was chaired by Mr. Lattanamany Khounyvong, Vice Minister of MPWT, and President of Sub-CAW and co-chaired by Mr.Chong Chi Nai, Country Director, Lao Resident Mission, ADB. The participants included representatives from Asian Development Bank LRM, NCAW, Sub-CAW, Sub-sub Commission for Advancement of Women (CAW), and Division for Advancement of Women (DAW). The number of participants are 62 persons, 33 women and 29 men. After the  presentation of project objectives, outputs, work plan, activities and timeline of the project, the participants also provided comments and questions to the consultant team for improving the work plan.

This Inception Workshop is a bench mark in implementing the activities of the project as mentioned above, and the NCAW network of MPWT was honored to see such high level commitment to gender mainstreaming and the project, provided by both the Vice Minister of MPWT and the ADB Country Director, who both participated in the entire workshop.

Technical seminar on Natural Disaster Protection and the construction of road tunnels in Lao PDR

 On 13 February 2013, a technical seminar on Natural Disaster Protection (Bank Protection) and the construction of road tunnels in Lao PDR, was held at Meeting Room number 1 of MPWT. The seminar was honored to be attended by Mr. Bounchanh Sinthavong, Vice Minister of MPWT, and Mr. Isamu Bito from Ministry of Land Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan. The seminar was also attended by Permanent Secretariat Office; heads and deputies from Cabinet and the departments of Personal, Inspection, Planning and Cooperation, Roads and Bridges, Chamber of Science and Technology, the Road Fund, National University of Laos, Vientiane Capital and Provincial Departments of Public Works and Transport, Survey and Design, Rural Roads and River Transport, and. One representative from each  of State Enterprise No. 8; No.20; Construction and Communication; and LTEC, and Construction Materials Testing service also attended. In total, participants numbered about 70 persons

In the seminar, guideline for tree planting to resist bank erosion in Lao was presented and discussed in 4 parts being:

1.      General application

2.      Type of bank erosion

3.      Tree planting to resist road bank erosion

4.      Planning and Construction for road bank erosion

Explanation Outputs from the ASEM 9

On 24 January 2013, at the Conference Room Number 1, H.E. Dr. Thongloune Sisoulith,Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, gave a speech explaining outputs from the  ASEM 9. The attendees included Mr. Sommad Pholsena, Minister of MPWT and the Ministry’s Revolution Party Committee, Department Revolution Party Committee, Minister and Vice Ministerial Assistant, Heads and Deputy Heads of departments, the Secretariat Office, Agency, Institute, Science and Technology Assembly, Technical units, Training Institute, President and vice president of companies and enterprises in MPWT, and Mass organizations.

On this occasion H.E. Dr. Thongloune Sisoulith recollected about the history of the Asia Europe Meeting (ASEM) covering: 1. Background of ASEM, 2. ASEM revolution, 3. Thethree  Cooperation sectors, political, economic and socio-cultural, 4. Characteristic of ASEM, 5. Cooperation Mechanisms of ASEM.

He also reported on the ASEM 9 outcomes as per the following:

1.      Success of national Security

2.      Success  in contents of ASEM, vision and history bench marking

3.      Success in more attendance by delegations

4.      Success in providing infrastructure facilities to ASEM 9

5.      Success and elegance in the Protocol of the meeting

6.      Success in drawing active comments from the meeting

7.      Successof the parties meeting, especially between host country and ASEM countries

8.      Success on the appreciation of delegations and their contributions

9.      Successful  Chairmanship of the ASEM 9

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