The consultation meeting on draft Strategy on Advancement women in MPWT

The Asian Development bank is providing technical assistance to the Government of Lao to facilitate and strengthen the National Strategy for Advancement Women 2011-2015, and implementation within the Sub-Committee for Advancement Women in MPWT. The TA will draft MPWT Strategy for Advancement Women - 2013-2015, formulate a M&E and planning system and manual that has mainstreamed gender. The processes of preparation are data collection, consultation meetings, formulate draft strategy and propose for approval. On 27 February 2013, the consultation meeting on drafting a Strategy for Advancement Women in MPWT was held. The meeting was opened by Vice Minister Mr. Lathhamahni Kounivong and was honored by the presence of Mdm Chansoda Phontip from NCAW who provided an explanation of the NCAW national strategy for gender mainstreaming. The meeting was attended listened to representative from NCAW, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, on the context of the Strategies for Advancement Women and implementation lessons learned. The meeting was also discussed and consulted about the existing situation of advancement women work, issues, needs and next activities to be included in the draft MPWT Strategy for Advancement Women. There were 60 participants in this meeting, with 18 men and 42 women from NCAW, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Sub-CAW and Sub-Sub CAW.

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