The hand-over ceremony was held for Road No. 2E, which stretches from Khouai District of Phongsali province of Lao to -Tai Chang border of Vietnam

On 23rd February 2013,  a hand-over ceremony was held for Road No. 2E, which stretches from Khoua District of Phongsali province of Lao to Tai Chang border of Vietnam. The project handover ceremony was held at the Pang Hok International Immigration Check Point in Mai district of Phongsaly province. The ceremony was honored by the attendance of by H.E Somsavad Lengsawat, Vice Prime Minister and adviser on the economic sector and President of the Central Lao-Vietnam Friendship Association, H.E. Geun Xuan Phuk, Vice Prime Minister and President of Vietnam-Lao Friendship Association, Mr. Sommad Pholsena Minister of MPWT, H.E Mr. Ding La, Minister of Ministry Communication and Transport, H.E the Vietnamese Ambassador to Lao PDR, the Lao Ambassador to Vietnam, and guests from both countries. The Road No. 2E construction project received support funding through a loan from the Government of Vietnam  of 43,000,000 US$. The total length of the constructed Road 2E is  68.2 km, with 8 bridges from Khoua district to Lao-Vietnam border.

The construction was divided into two contracts : i) on 26 March 2009, Department of Roads MPWT signed a contract with survey and design consultants TEDI-Vietnam, and LTEC for construction supervision consultancy, and signed contract for construction with Lao Cooperation Company (LCC) for Package 1, which is 30 km length, and cost 16,834,288.34 US$; ii)for Package 2, the contract was signed with Road Company No.18 (CEI18-Vietnam) with a length of 38.2 km, and cost of 23,248,655.57 US$. According to the plan, the Road No. 2E construction project would take 42 months to complete (from 5/2009 to 11/2012).  Due to the design for construction, there were additional activities such as variations to length of bridges and some additional earthworks required, therefore the contract was extended for a further  two months. The contract cost increased by an additional 2,837,000 US$, and  total time for construction was 44 months.

Before the construction, Road No. 2E was narrow and some stream crossings did not have bridges making  travel difficult and vehicles could traverse the route during one season of the year (dry season). Now, following construction, travel is convenient and is possible throughout the year (two seasons) and transportation within Phongsaly province is also improved

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